As our global economy is rapidly switching to digital platforms, organizations and IT companies are prone to cyber attacks now more than ever. With the advancement of technology organizations now-a-days have grown vulnerable to cyber threats, hence having a cybersecurity professionals has become a common need for businesses these days. Ultimately, it is an organization's duty to protect its confidential data and customer information. Therefore a career in cybersecurity is a lucrative option for the students from different academic backgrounds.

Top companies that hire cyber security professionals are NASA, Apple, ISRO, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Twitter, RBI, etc. The average salary for a cyber security analyst in India is INR 5 lacs per year which is approximately INR 41.7 thousand per month. Salary estimates are based on 4715 salaries received from various cybersecurity analysts in various industries.

Career Prospects after B.Sc. in Cyber Security

There are numerous career opportunities after completing B.Sc. in Cyber Security. Mentioned below are all the job profiles cyber security graduates work under.

  • Network Security Engineer: The position of network security engineer comes with all the responsibilities including ensuring security systems to counter and prevent threats. Their primary responsibilities are to identify vulnerabilities and work on enhancing automation.
  • Security Architect: Security architects play a key role in designing an organization's network and computer security architecture. Security architects help plan, research, and design security elements. Without a security architect, an organization's security systems are vulnerable to attacks.
  • Application Security Engineer:Application security engineers manage the stability of an organization's internal and external applications. They are required to have deep knowledge and expertise to address data protection and compliance aspects of third-party applications such as AWS and Azure.
  • Cyber Security Architect:Cyber ??Security Architect is a senior position that requires candidates to design an organization-wide cyber security network. To do that, candidates should understand how hackers attack systems. Also, a cybersecurity degree that pays well.

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Mentioned below are some of the top companies that hire cyber security students post graduation.

  • EY Consulting
  • Reliance
  • Deloitte
  • PwC Consulting
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • AT & T Communications